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Hello everyone, 

Just wanted to let you know that both Life is Feudal: Your Own and Rust had small updates today and now both servers are up and running. Here are the patch notes for LiF and all the Rust updates can be found on their website (since they don't offer a small list).

Patch notes (ver.

      New features:

  • Added player arm hit detection system that works while performing swings with any weapons
  • Added beehives mechanics. Honey can now be extracted from beehives every morning. More about beehives:
  • Implemented mead alcohol production
  • Repair ability no longer decreases Maximum durability of buildings and objects
  • Any 2 handed pole weapon can now be disarmed with unarmed combat
  • Changed camera behavior on horses, on foot and in “overlook mode” (hold V)

    Bug fixes:
  • Provided a fix for random crashes while connecting and loading other worlds
  • Fixed bleeding wounds blood loss speed to more adequate levels
  • Horses should properly execute walking and running animations now
  • Fixed client crash related with invitation to guild
  • Horse sounds should no longer loop after its death

Updated and New Rust Server!

Jett a posted Jun 6, 15

Hello Silver Rush Gaming!

Just wanted to let everyone know that the Life is Feudal server is running and updated for those who couldn't see it in the server list and I wiped this last months donations so we can start anew! The donations are what keep our server and the teamspeak alive and we hope that more players will start making their way to our community as Life is Feudal becomes popular again.

With that being said, we also just opened a new Rust Experimental server. Since this is a game that updates frequently and wipes at random times, we won't be keeping an RP setting for this and it's just some extra fun for players in our community. This is just a side server for anyone interested and it shouldn't affect any connection with other games. For all who are interested:

(if you can't join you can type "client.connect" in the F1 menu and then enter our IP afterwards)

Name: [US] Silver Rush Gaming | Dedicated

IP Address:

Map type: Procedural

Server Limit: 64 players

Thanks everyone for your continuous support and we will see you in-game!

Tinker Hikari Jett can you add me again on steam. Animosity87 or Aniimosiity
Pyotr Alexeyevich It was up for a short time earlier but it is down again. i was on for about a minute everything seemed fine so i walked ...
Jett a It seems like there is an event error that crashes the server, presumably from the last update. The server MAY drop and ...

New Patch 06-04-15

Wystler a posted Jun 4, 15

Hello all here are the patch notes!

Dear players! According to your responses votes we are releasing a slightly unfinished version of basic horse mechanics. They are stable and you should not have any serious issues with them - still, it is Early Alpha after all, so be prepared for anything. We have warned you!

Along with horses, we are presenting alcohol brewing (mead and honey making will be introduced later). Alcohol is a necessary ingredient in alchemy and excessive use of spiced alcohol will result in certain effects for your character ;) We all know that a large amount of alcohol might lead to some bar brawls, that is why we have implemented unarmed combat: a good way to solve your disputes without killing someone accidentally!

Alchemy potions are now in fact alcoholic cocktails, which can provide you with a set of positive or negative effects. These can also be used to poison melee weapons!

Jewelry now provides you with an increased “Luck” effect, and affects almost EVERY action that you perform in your world. Now is a good time for you to level up your Jewelsmith skill!

Oh, and we have a weeklong -40% discount for our game. This could be the last chance to get a HUGE discount on our game before we have our full release launch. Make sure to let your friends know!

Patch notes (ver.
New features:
Horses mechanics are partially released. You can tame and breed horses and use a new building to train them into warhorses for riding
Unarmed combat is implemented. It is available for everyone, but it can only be somewhat effective with a high level of Unarmed skill. Disarming of polearm weapons with unarmed parrying has been implemented
Alcohol brewing crafting chain is implemented. Look out for new Brewing tank object in your construction menu
The wine press can now be used to squash apples and grapes to produce raw materials for a Brewing Tank
The cooking pot can be used to produce malt for further beer brewing in a Brewing tank
You need any bottle of alcohol now to finish creation of your alchemy potion. Alchemy potions are now called “cocktails”
Cocktails (ex. potions) will now give positive or negative effects upon drinking and can be used to poison your melee weapons
Placeholder alcohol intoxication (“Full”) visual effect implemented
Some crafting outfits now provide a significant bonus to several crafting skill values
Luck now can be increased by wearing jewelry. Luck affects almost all crafting and combat abilities and actions now
Tamable wild horses now appear in the wilderness
Bug fixes:
Fixed a recent bug with some terrain textures appearing black and some fields becoming paved roads and vice versa. Server maintenance must be performed to have these textures fixed
Fixed bug that allowed you to stack unit formation bonuses that resulted in an imbalanced amount of positive effects
Fixed camera bobbing in some cases, especially during melee combat
Fixed some cases where you were unable to see the blocking/parrying animation of your enemy properly
Numerous minor fixes

P.S. Mounted combat IS NOT implemented properly yet.

Drink up!


Pyotr Alexeyevich The server seems to be offline its not showing up in the server list and was not working at all last night. Also now th ...
Jett a If you didn't know already, server is up and ready to play on. Saddle up!
Thaddeus Argentum Looking good!
Updating the server now with the new LiF update. Will do some testing for myself after it is done.
Developer - AMA - [link]
Server has been up and going if no one noticed. Some are hoping on to try out the new trebuchets and throwing weapons so check it out :sick:
Awesome! thanks Jett for the update. I was concerned it was on my end
The server was updated but it seems that the throwing weapons don't work so we have it down to be fixed since we believe it's on our side. It will be up soon we hope.
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