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New Patch 04-30-15

Wystler a posted Apr 30, 15

Hello Silver Rush!

     Another patch has been released today. Here are the patch notes that have been provided.

New ways to speed up decay and health loss (
Community Announcements - Life is Feudal (Bobik)
Dear players! Unfortunately this April patch does not contain all of the initially planned features. We have had to postpone the World loading optimizations feature because it affects very sensitive core program mechanics and we want to spend more time on polishing and testing.

On the brighter side, throwing weaponry and trebuchets are here! Later in May we plan to implement explosive naphtha grenades and explosive trebuchet charges - our first AoE (Area of Effect) weapons!

Patch notes (ver.
Implemented the first siege weapon - Trebuchet. Make sure you have at least 50 Intelligence in order to use it effectively ;) You can read more about its mechanics on our Wiki
Implemented throwing weapons: knives, axes and javelins.
Bugfix: Mallet now loses durability while being used for pavement
Bugfix: All crafting devices are now properly damaged while using them
Bugfix: Smelting steel without a crucible and tongs is no longer allowed
Bugfix: Crafting of Metal Bands should no longer consume metal if you don’t have a blacksmith’s Hammer equipped
Bugfix: “Melt” and “Recycle” buttons are only active when there is something to melt or recycle
Bugfix: Wild animal skinning ingredients are no longer capped at 50 Quality
Bugfix: All crafting results are now capped by a Real skill Value of a corresponding crafting skill
Bugfix: Already completed objects no longer use their contents if completed again in GM mode

Trebuchet goodness!

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Hello everyone! 

As you know, everyone has been extremely busy with finals and work and it's all coming to an end and summer is beginning. Our LiF server (as well as just about every other LiF server in the browser) has suffered a major hit of player base during this time but we are expecting that with the next update there will be many players looking to check out the seige weapons, throwing weaponry, and whatever else the devs have to throw at us. 

This update, if the roadmap is followed, will be within the next week and I, along with Aurelius, believe we should wipe the server in order to get the absolute most balance and return of players possible. 

I don't want to do this without player approval obviously but here are my reasons behind this:


1) New players get a chance to start alongside everyone else. A fresh start means no one is unbalanced at the beginning. 

2) Seige weapons will make some factions automatically overpowered. Newer factions will not be able to persist if they have their stuff constantly razed and pillaged.

3) New server lore. Intentions would be to name the island for RP sake, write up a background for the entire island to coorespond into each person's RP, and use the new political map system (found at for easier viewing and editing. 

4) A general reason to come back for older players.

5) Real IP placement instead of requested ones. Better placemenet BEFORE anyone joins to make it easier on admins.


1) We lose our stuff. 

Just check this out and comment below. Tell me your opinions and interests and obviously if no one wants it we won't but this is probably the best route for now. :)

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LiF: Your Own Update

Jett a posted Apr 10, 15


The server has been updated for a few hours now but I just wanted to let everyone know that the tanning tubs have finally been fixed as well as some other small things. With this update, I'm expecting that we will no longer need to trade hides and flax stems at the trading post unless it is offered as a daily item. If anything starts to mess up again we should find out soon enough!

I would copy the patch notes but Thaddeus has already created one so I will just link his post HERE.

Also, I'd like to note that the new GM commands finally allow us to teleport to players and change other player's skills in-game. With this being said, we still want people to submit tickets for skill change requests but if you ask in-game then an admin may be able to help as well. We can also spawn animals now (extremely powerful bears *cough cough*) and we hope to host a cool RP event with these sometime in the near future. Keep on the lookout for that.

- Joan Jett and the Adminhearts

*guitar solo*

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Developer - AMA - [link]
Server has been up and going if no one noticed. Some are hoping on to try out the new trebuchets and throwing weapons so check it out :sick:
Awesome! thanks Jett for the update. I was concerned it was on my end
The server was updated but it seems that the throwing weapons don't work so we have it down to be fixed since we believe it's on our side. It will be up soon we hope.
Is the server up? It doesn't seem to want to appear on the server list
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