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LiF: Your Own Update

Jett a posted Apr 10, 15


The server has been updated for a few hours now but I just wanted to let everyone know that the tanning tubs have finally been fixed as well as some other small things. With this update, I'm expecting that we will no longer need to trade hides and flax stems at the trading post unless it is offered as a daily item. If anything starts to mess up again we should find out soon enough!

I would copy the patch notes but Thaddeus has already created one so I will just link his post HERE.

Also, I'd like to note that the new GM commands finally allow us to teleport to players and change other player's skills in-game. With this being said, we still want people to submit tickets for skill change requests but if you ask in-game then an admin may be able to help as well. We can also spawn animals now (extremely powerful bears *cough cough*) and we hope to host a cool RP event with these sometime in the near future. Keep on the lookout for that.

- Joan Jett and the Adminhearts

*guitar solo*

Thaddeus Argentum I saw the animal spawn thing and instantly thought of an animal horde! Thanks for linking to my post. And teleporting ...


So I have updated the server and all is well but I went around and changed some important settings and wanted to give an update (no April Fools). The patch notes posted by the LiF devs are posted below this update for those interested but here are ours:

  • Growth timers now are set to 18 hours. This has been a long standing request. This also means that the day's will be set to 2 hours and 15 minutes instead of 1 hour and 30 minutes. 
  • During Judgement Hour, warehouse inventories cannot be opened if they are claimed by personal claim or guild claim ("OPEN/CLOSE" can still be used).
  • During Judgement Hour, animals in stables/barns cannot be slaughtered but still can be stolen.
  • Judgement Hour now has a new schedule and one we hope to keep.
    • Now set to Friday's and Sunday's every week
    • Time: 8:00 PM CST
    • Longevitity: 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Added information on requesting an infinity pile in the SERVER RULES. Please check it out before requesting and IP in your location.

Thanks again everyone for playing on our server and if you have any questions let the admins know through Teamspeak or through the support tickets.

Hello Everyone,

     I am sure everyone is aware we have another client update 3.4.0 that went into effect today. I will post the full patch notes here even though they have already been posted in the forums (Thank You)

04.01 patch (
Community Announcements - Life is Feudal (Bobik)
After thousands of man hours and gallons of coffee we have finally achieved a MAJOR breakthrough in our graphics engine. We are proud to introduce an Improved Graphics Mode © ! Due to its experimental nature, you need to activate it manually by pressing Alt + "i" on your keyboard.

Patch notes (seriously. ver.
Implemented Improved Graphics Mode ©
Fixed a bug with maintenance not occurring in certain conditions (trees and crops do not grow etc.)
You can use kiln bellows without a Smelting skill now
Traps and Snares are fixed and should work properly now and not decay too quick
You can now select objects that lie in shallow water
Alignment loss for same guild/group members should no longer occur
Other minor bug fixes

P.S. To turn off Improved Graphics Mode © press Alt + “-” on your keyboard.
P.P.S. We have received numerous reports that tanning tubs are not working in certain cases - we are still unable to reproduce the bug locally with our QA team so would be glad for any additional info you can provide on the matter.

Jett will update the server at 2:30pm (Central) and get the server up and running as soon as possible.

We thank you again for your continued support and patience! You are a great community!

~The Admin Team

Katoteshi P.P.S. - good joke ;]
Thaddeus Argentum You are welcome Wystler Keep up the good work guys! ...
Wystler a I strive to strive to achieve the unachievable!
Extensive update to the Bronhoff Tailory, new policies, even lower prices and links for your viewing pleasures! Look up the sticky on the Trade forum.
If anything, clean out the clans that arent around no more and delete their stuff...Thats pretty much a wipe but it doesnt hurt those that have put a crap ton of work in...Unless the game patches and forces a wipe.
HELL NO DONT WIPE! You know how much time we put in to our base..We have the only Large Keep I know of...Whats the point of a wipe????
The help ticket system has been taken down?
Yeah, I've still got finals. So I've just been running around in GTA until they're done.
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