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Concerning warehouses during JH

Jett ao posted 12 hours ago

So I changed some settings around after talking with people in TS3 and within the admin group. Essentially, during judgement hour the following can be done now:

  • Gate houses can't be opened except by people within the guild or who have it on personal claim. If you don't claim your warehouse but it still lies within your guild claims, you are protected from others opening it.
  • People can use "OPEN/CLOSE" on all buildings. Movable objects inside of these areas (i.e. looms, chests, wardrobes, moose heads) will be fair game during raids.
  • People CANNOT use "OPEN" on warehouses. This means that virtual inventory spaces of warehouses will be protected during these times unless left unclaimed. 
  • Others will be able to access your barns and stables but no one can slaughter your animals while they are in your claim zone or under personal claim. This means you can still have your animals stolen, but not be griefed by players with that intention only.
  • Players who attack others during this time will lose no alignment, nor will alignment be lost for looting gravestones.

This is just to help clarify. About the non-accessible warehouse inventories, it is something that we (the admins) agree should be implemented with seige equipment. With the current vanilla settings, judgement hour allows for forms of griefing that are beyond control. To wipe out a group by simply accessing their warehouse and dropping their items on the ground is something that is possible and having this as a daily or even weekly thing would never allow new groups to form on the server and hurt our RP element. We want people to focus on RP but still have a fun time to fight each other without alignment hits. There is still a lot to lose during these times but with at least a little bit of storage space for protecting the most valuable stuff, people can't be completely wiped away.

As we expect, people will have their opinions on this matter. But I think this will change it from such a horrible experience to a pretty decent one. You never know, you may actually enjoy it!

Thanks - Jett

Hakgova This a good move. I am still a little fearful that a good amount of griefing is going to occur during JH however but tha ...


As you all know, Aurelius made a small poll that gave the community a few options for voting on when and how long Judgement Hour should be held. I just made a few changes and added options to it. Please go vote for you best time slot and if you do not agree with any of the choices, put your option in the comments and I may add it to the poll as well. Post is located HERE.


We all know that rules need to be determined when it comes to Judgement Hour. It can be a fun experience for all, one that allows people to fight without worry and finally use the items they have created. As of now, people beg to fight in global and this is their gateway out of that. We still want to keep this an RP server and don't want to just allow open PvP all the time but we do want people to have fun being able to RP and PvP. Since it's within certain time frames, we should be able to keep it controlled.  

Tomorrow we are having our first judgement hour scheduled at 8:00 PM CST and we will stress test how it works. People have had time to gather weapons and armor and this should be the perfect time to figure out how good/bad this update is. So we have rules for JUST TOMORROW DURING JUDGEMENT HOUR (not all day) to see how it works then official rules will be posted. Here they are:

  • NLR is still in effect. Do not return to combat or touch your gravestone for 15 minutes during this time. 
  • Do not grief. We understand you lose no alignment for killing each other but don't abuse this.
  • Do not slaughter other's animals. Stealing animals is okay, but slaughtering animals is considered griefing.
  • If you engage with someone in combat, all of those decisions carry over into RP outside of the Judgement Hour.
  • For JUST tomorrow during judgement hour, we will allow anyone to participate in combat without having to initiate in RP but if you currently have tensions with other groups or alliances with others, do not FailRP and raid random people to grief. This is time to fight people who you are at arms against, allow solo bandits to attempt to get some loot, and make people form alliances to gain strength through numbers. We want RP involved, but we don't want to waste this little amount of time when it gives you plenty of forwarning before it happens.

Now, some of you won't be too happy with this but this will be for JUST tomorrow during judgement hour until we can evaluate how it's going to work, best days for it, and length of the "hour" itself. I will also be looking into whether or not I can make somethings stay claimed (such as warehouses and houses) to overwrite people being able to bypass claims. 

So just bear with us and keep an open mind, Silver Rush. This test day will be perfect for everyone to see how it works for themselves and it should be interesting for us all.

More rules (or less) coming tomorrow after Judgement Hour. If you have any concerns then please let us know but don't post any unecessary comments below and try to maintain a positive attitude! 

UPDATE: We set the server settings where during JH, people can access your barns and stables but CANNOT slaughter. This will hopefully prevent some griefing that could be done. We also can implement it where warehouses can "OPEN/CLOSE" but no one can access the virtual inventory space. Opinions? Both confirmed tested and working.

On Judgement Hour...

Aurelius a posted 24 hours ago

Hey guys, after extensive testing (in the test server) to see how it works, we've found out some things about judgement hour that can be seen as good or bad.

What can not be accessed/opened/closed/etc.?

  • Gates. This is pretty much it.

What can be accessed?

  • Doors/houses in your guild claim area.
  • Warehouses in your guild claim area.
  • Containers/warehouses/chests in your guild claim area.
  • Claimed warehouses not in a guild claim.
  • Pretty much everything.

So pretty much everything is fair game. I'd consider this first week to be a trial run of Judgement Hour to see how hectic it is or is not. Judgement Hour is (currently, subject to change if needed) 9PM US EST. It lasts for one hour. It will be on days Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Yes, this means our first Judgement Hour will be tomorrow, starting at 9PM EST. I believe we should think of this first week as a trial run for Judgement Hour, just to see if it's as crazy as it sounds. If you have any other questions, be sure to ask one of us admins. Please keep in mind that this may change if it's wanted.

Thanks, Aurelius & the GM team.

Server's down, being updated or just a crash? ;P
Well we haven't updated the real server yet because we are doing testing. So the latest file should be the one being updated. Don't worry everyone it will be up soon enough. :sick:
Yes there's been a couple hotfix patches thrown up actually
I just went through a second shorter update after leaving and coming back from a break. Maybe a hotfix? Or maybe random steam nonsense :sick:
We are currently testing the new update and I will update the server soon afterwards.
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